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ErgoWorx™ Touchless Microtek Cleaning System

Continental Commercial Products introduces the first truly Touchless Microfiber Cleaning System.

Continental Commercial Products has always been focused on developing more effective ways to clean. We've taken the advanced science of Microfiber and created a complete system which will significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning and disinfecting rooms.

The ErgoWorx™ Touchless Microtek Cleaning System:

EFFECTIVE: Truly a touch free system, eliminating the cleaners contact with contaminated mop heads.

INTUITIVE: Easy to use, reduces cost and time for training.

AFFORDABLE: No costly wringers, pumps, trolley carts, etc.

 • The newest addition to the ErgoWorx™ System, the Microfiber Trolley.  This Trolley can be added to the SYS-5 to create a mobile cleaning system that is both compact and efficient.  The 3" non-marking, all swivel casters provide finger touch mobility, ideal for tight hallways and small rooms.  The MFT-5 is designed to accomodate common cleaning tools including a wet floor sign, microflex duster, wipes and RTU trigger sprayer bottles.

• The ErgoWorx™ System is designed to fit all the most popular plastic and stainless steel Janitorial Carts made in the U.S. today.

• The ErgoWorx™ Solution and Discharge buckets are made from Derma-Tek™, non-porous plastic so they are easy to clean and help maintain a professional appearance. The Auto-Discharge mop frame is made from strong and durable glass filled nylon.

• ErgoWorx™ is completely non-ferrous, so it is safe for use in areas with MRI equipment and will not rust or corrode.

• Exclusive to CCP, the patented ErgoWorx™ Touchless, Auto-Discharge Mop Frame eliminates the need to touch the soiled/contaminated Microfiber mop head, preventing cross-contamination.

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Institutional Wringer Combos

The thirty-five quart Institutional Wringer Combo is available with three inch non-marking casters for improved maneuverability (335-39) or without casters (335-9) for areas where safety is a concern.

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Multi-Use Floor Signs

This unique and patented design utilizes four separate multilingual message centers built into a single sign, simply flip to the appropriate message center. Messages are imprinted in red and black for increased visibility and are in English, Spanish, and French.

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